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Filter Driers Wholesaler & Supplier for HVAC in Canada

Greatstone International Ltd. offers premium Filter Driers at competitive prices and expedited delivery times.  With our durable construction and in-house testing for quality, our Filter Driers are the highest quality available for your filter drier refrigeration.

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Why Choose Filter Drier Refrigeration from Greatstone International LTD.

Greatstone International Ltd. offers professional B2B services and products at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality gives our customers the peace of mind they need to run their own companies better knowing that the products we provide can be relied on to offer these benefits:

  • High density filter for effective removal of impurities
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy powder coated, passed 500 hours salt spray test
  • Quality products with competitive pricing
  • Peace of mind with professional services
  • Short lead time for fast delivery
  • Time-saving process with streamlined B2B Online shopping

Key Features of Filter Driers / Wholesaler & Supplier

Greatstone International Ltd. high-quality filter driers are available in GFK, GPL, GEG, GEK, GAD, GFX models. Each of our filter driers is designed to improve the performance of your filter drier refrigeration system with these features:

  • Meets or exceeds industry quality standards
  • Tested for durability and longevity
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Designed to be simple and fast to install
  • For individual features of each of filter type, see our catalogue and product descriptions

Delivery Time: Serve Your Customers Better with 2 Day Delivery on Filter Drier Refrigeration Parts

Our commitment to you and your business includes offering some of the fastest delivery times for crucial parts like our Filter Driers. Ontario and Quebec area customers can expect their parts delivered in as little as 2 to 3 business days.

Greatstone International Ltd. also helps serve customers throughout Canada and the United states with our guaranteed fast shipping. Delivery outside Ontario and Quebec ranges from 3 – 7 business days and delivery to the United States is 5 – 7 business days.

Delivery Times

  • Ontario and Quebec: 2 – 3 business days.
  • All Other Areas of Canada: 3 – 7 business days
  • United States:  5 – 7 business days

How to Order Your Filter Driers for Wholesaler & Supplier

When ordering your Filter Drier Refrigeration parts from Greatstone International Ltd., begin by Registering to set up an account. Once your account is approved, you will be able to begin shopping. After placing your order, a confirmation email will be sent with your invoice. Our simple step by step procedure:

  1. Register to set up an account
  2. Receive notification of approval
  3. Shop from our catalogue
  4. Receive your invoice / confirmation email*
  5. Shipment is arranged with tracking information
  6. Receive and complete a quick survey on how Greatstone International Ltd. can serve you better!

* Your guaranteed delivery time will begin after your order has been confirmed. If you feel you have missed your confirmation or would like it re-sent, please contact us at 1-866-508-0303.

As a dedicated B2B service and product provider we know what it takes to be a quality partner to you and your business. To learn more about our Filter Driers for Wholesaler & Supplier and how Greatstone International Ltd. can help your business, contact us at 1-866-508-0303.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

Molecular Sieve Liquid Line Filter Drier, Solid Core Filter Drier


1/4" SAE, Ø1.69×2.36", 1/4" ODF, Ø1.69×2.36", 3/8" SAE, Ø1.69×2.36", 3/8" ODF, Ø1.69×2.36", 1/4" SAE, Ø2.5×3.13", 1/4" ODF, Ø2.5×3.13", 3/8" SAE, Ø2.5×3.13", 3/8" ODF, Ø2.5×3.13", 1/4" SAE, Ø2.5×3.86", 1/4" ODF, Ø2.5×3.86", 3/8" SAE, Ø2.5×3.86", 3/8" ODF, Ø2.5×3.86", 1/2" SAE, Ø2.5×3.86", 1/2" ODF, Ø2.5×3.86", 1/4" SAE, Ø2.5×4.84", 1/4" ODF, Ø2.5×4.84", 3/8" SAE, Ø2.5×4.84", 3/8" ODF, Ø2.5×4.84", 1/2" SAE, Ø2.5×4.84", 1/2" ODF, Ø2.5×4.84", 5/8" SAE, Ø2.5×4.84", 5/8" ODF, Ø2.5×4.84", 7/8" ODF, Ø2.5×4.84", 3/8" SAE, Ø3.0×7.34", 3/8" ODF, Ø3.0×7.34", 1/2" SAE, Ø3.0×7.34", 1/2" ODF, Ø3.0×7.34", 5/8" SAE, Ø3.0×7.34", 5/8" ODF, Ø3.0×7.34", 3/4" ODF, Ø3.0×7.34", 7/8" ODF, Ø3.0×7.34", 1 1/8" ODF, Ø3.0×7.34", 3/8" SAE, Ø3.5×7.71", 1/2" SAE, Ø3.5×7.71", 1/2" ODF, Ø3.5×7.71", 5/8" SAE, Ø3.5×7.71", 5/8" ODF, Ø3.5×7.71", 7/8" ODF, Ø3.5×7.71", 1 1/8" ODF, Ø3.5×7.71", 7/8" ODF, Ø3.5×13.26", 1 1/8" ODF, Ø3.5×13.26"


10 pieces, 25 pieces

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