Our Mission

To enhance the online HVACR experience

All too often B2B product and service providers sites are created without thought for the customer which leads to a complicated ordering process and unreliable delivery service. At Greatstone International Ltd., we not only provide in-house tested products made to industry-leading standards, we also care about your total online marketplace experience. This is why we have designed our shopping experience around the features we, ourselves, would want including a simple ordering and tracking process, reliable customer support and the highest quality products.

Our Vision

To add and share in the growth of how online business is conducted

Greatstone International Ltd. is a wholesale division of Goldstone HVACR Inc.

Greatstone International Ltd. strives to be part of our clients’ future and the future growth of the B2B online marketplace. As dedicated professionals in engineering, we are committed to innovation both in our products and how they are sold and distributed to bring our customers an ever-improving experience.

Our Story is Your Story

We run our company with a true B2B mindset – aiming to be our clients’ partner and support in their HVAC-R product needs. Unlike many other B2B product and service providers, we offer a robust online marketplace that makes finding products and tracking orders simple and hassle-free. We also employ a friendly and knowledgeable customer service system to answer questions and resolve issues quickly – creating a hassle-free part of what helps your business run smoothly.  Let us become part of your story by shopping our enhanced marketplace or contacting our knowledgeable customer support team, today!

Why Choose Greatstone International Ltd.

At Greatstone International Ltd. , we provide a host of quality products and services in one place to enhance our customers’ experience. When you choose eHVACR, you can expect:

  • Industry-leading quality HVACR products
  • Competitive international pricing
  • Professional and experienced services
  • Efficient online B2B shopping experience
  • First-class customer support and service